Advanced Crane Technology Products.

Tower Crane Anti-Collision, Boundary and Zone Protection System

OptiCrane Inc. is the authorized dealer of the TAC-3000 anti-collision, boundary and zone protection system throughout North America. The addition of the TAC-3000 and all its benefits brings companies up-to-date in available crane technologies like radius indicators, Load cells, LMI, and limit protection devices for all crane makes and models. The TAC-3000 is a tower crane anti-collision, boundary, and zone protection safety system utilizing the earth’s magnetic flux for absolute accurate positioning. The anti-collision, boundary, zone protection, and LMI capabilities are suited for single or multi-tower crane installations and can be used on hammer jib or luffing tower cranes. Distributed via a secure high-speed wireless network, the TAC-3000 requires minimal commissioning time, 1 to 1 ½ day for a two-crane installation on average, compared to other systems that require lengthy setup due to mechanical interfacing to the crane.

Crane Safety Viewing Systems

Another product offered by OptiCrane Inc. is the innovative Camera Monitor System from Orlaco which virtually eliminates all blind lifts through the use of a high-quality wireless camera with cab monitor Orlaco specializes in developing and manufacturing camera-monitor solutions to solve visibility problems around various types of machines ranging from trucks and ships to tower cranes and excavators. Orlaco’s camera-monitor systems support the craftsmanship of machine operators and make operating conditions easier, safer and less stressful. Orlaco is certified according to ISO 9001-2000 and offers customers excellent service with extra attention to quality. An Orlaco viewing system can make the operation of a crane easier, more efficient, and most of all, safer. In many respects, this is an investment, which pays itself back in a short time.

About OptiCrane Inc. 

OptiCrane Inc. provides efficient and complete turnkey management solutions and products for today's Mobile, Self-Erect, Tower and Luffing cranes' Operators, Managers, Leasers, End Users, and Owners. Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with Bilingual staff, we understand the construction requirements and rigorous conditions we are required to operate safely and efficiently in. We provide each client with specifically tailored solutions to meet Compliance as well as your objective to ensure total satisfaction.