OptiCrane Inc. offers the innovative Crane Camera system from Orlaco which virtually eliminates all blind lifts through the use of a high-quality wireless camera with cab monitor.

ORLACO specializes in developing and manufacturing camera-monitor solutions to solve visibility problems around various types of machines ranging from trucks to forklifts to ships to heavy duty mobile equipment and all types of Cranes. Orlaco’s systems compliment the craftsmanship of machine operators and make operating conditions easier, safer and less stressful.  

Orlaco is certified according to ISO 9001-2000 and offers customers excellent service with extra attention to quality, durability and detail. An ORLACO viewing system can make the operation of a crane easier, more efficient, and most of all, safer. In many respects, this is an investment, which pays itself back in a very short period of time.



ORLACO Cameras have many features including multiple angles of view, heated/hardened/anti-glare SRL- Sunlight Resistant Lens; easy installation; and over-pressurized housing to ensure waterproofing to more than 25 meters underwater.

The camera lens is smoothened to minimize dust from adhering to it and is seven times harder than glass to ensure it can withstand enormous impacts. It has passed the Caterpillar pebble impact test in which steel balls are shot at the lens and is scratch proof as well.

Orlaco’s technology is unparalleled – Explosion proof Camera Solutions are to Atex certification, 216 Zoom Camera with pan/tilt and night vision. The safety and longevity of the camera systems are enhanced with specialized electrical cables, water-proof – stainless steel connectors, heavy duty LCD monitor with anti-glare and many other operating features.

Orlaco Camera Solutions always repay themselves quickly. Their robustness, quality longevity, and reliability of a clear image of the ORLACO Systems is the key, especially in arduous operating environments.


Whether a crane is mobile or stationary, it always plays an important role in any material moving process. Cranes hold central positions and must cover large areas efficiently. Even though the crane operator sits high up in the sky, he is still not always able to view his entire working area. As the environment beneath any crane is very dynamic, the operator’s visibility is regularly impeded and, thus, making him more and more dependent on the instructions given to him through a dedicated frequency radio by the rigger/signaler. However, this convenient operator aid gives the operator the necessary relief. The load view camera mounted on the trolley or crane tip looks vertically
downwards right on top of the hook. The colour monitor inside the crane cab gives the operator full visibility on the position of the hook at all times. The operator can, if necessary, zoom in for an even more detailed image. It is all possible! with companies and Regulators now holding operators accountable for a load from the moment it is being rigged, it is time that the Industry provides these operators with the necessary tools to be successful in the accomplishment of their duties.


• Optimal visibility of the load under all circumstances. – More detail visible at the crane hook.
• A smaller chance of misunderstandings occurring between the operator and the rigger/signaler.
• Fewer chances of damages occurring while maneuvering the load.
• Increased efficiency due to improved visibility aid which results in more efficient lifting operations.
• The crane operator is less dependent on the help of others and can increase your bottom line.
• No blind lifts.
• Allows for a greater perspective of surrounding hazards compared to other systems.
• Allows the operator to ensure they are plumb over a load.

Choosing ORLACO means that you are making a conscious choice to prevent accidents and to promote a safer and more enjoyable workplace, which translates into less damage, lower absenteeism due to illness, reduced loss time, lower insurance premiums and increase in productivity.


• The wireless connection between the camera and monitor ensures no wear is caused by the continuous movement of the trolley.
• The camera and video transmitter are powered by a battery pack on the trolley.
• The auto-focus function of the zoom camera ensures a sharp image at all times.
• The crane operator has a user-friendly interface on the monitor or designated foot or finger-controlled devices to zoom in and out. Furthermore, he can
activate the night vision and brightness mode from the monitor.
• The battery on the trolley can be charged automatically with the use of an auto-contact sliding charger. By just driving back the trolley to its heel-end, align both parts of the sliding charging station to make contact and charging automatically starts.

• The battery pack can also be charged with the optional solar panel.
• The operator can see the battery energy level on the monitor in the crane cab and knows when the battery needs to be charged again.
• In order to save energy, the camera system switches off automatically when the system has not been used for more than an hour.
• The camera has better visibility than the human eye during dusk and dawn due to the 0-lux night vision mode.

• The 216 times zoom function ensures the crane operator has optimal detailed visibility of the loadline, hook, board and the areas around it.
• When the brightness function is activated, dark, shadowed work areas are lightened up and are clearly visible.
• The system is delivered with “plug and play” and “quick fit” features, ensuring quick and easy assembly and dismantling without causing any damages or requiring any modifications to the crane.


Orlaco Camera Viewing Solutions = Increased Safety, Productivity and Damage Control

There is growing concern and reports of accidents involving inadequate viewing conditions. Orlaco viewing systems provide enhanced visibility, clarity of image and reliability in industrial applications which assist in increasing Workplace Safety.

Workplace repetitive strain injuries related to the back and neck are quite common among operators and camera viewing systems make a large contribution to reducing and eliminating such injuries by providing relief to the operators.

Orlaco’s Camera Viewing Solutions also assist in the reduction of operator fatigue, viewing in poor light conditions, elimination of blind spots and clear viewing at extreme distances.

A Camera System provides the operator with a “view” of the surroundings. There is no guessing and they are a “quiet solution,” especially for municipal applications that operate in residential areas.

As productivity is also a major key performance indicator in the life of a project, Orlaco’s viewing systems can contribute to each project’s bottom line by increasing productivity—SAFELY.

Tests done on construction sites have proven that cranes performing “blind” operations with the use of an Orlaco camera system, work 21% faster than cranes operating without the system. The crane operator is able to work more efficiently as he is able to move his load to the designated area with fewer instructions from the rigger/signaler on the ground. Experience in the field also shows that when a camera system is used, the load can be lifted much more accurately. The system enables the crane operator to “read” the sway of the wire rope and better predict what the end position of the lifting block will be.