Lifting device Load Insulating Technology.

Every year, many injuries and equipment damage occurs which are directly related to contact with energized conductors independently of the requirement to maintain clearly specified limits of approach.

Sometimes, the requirements of the task at hand requires that these limits be breached provided specific conditions are met. On other occasions, inadvertent movement of a load can cause serious damage. It is either during these inadvertent movements or narrow margin approaches that crane accidents cause millions of dollars in damages and fatalities in North America when they contact energized conductors.

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The Tagline Insulator® is designed to protect ground crews and riggers working with elevated loads and using tagline ropes in close proximity to live power lines…Use it in the wet, the dirt, the cold, anywhere.

The Guardian Line – Plus is a re-designed version of the original Guardian-Line and is intended for use around very high Voltages.

The Load Insulator® is a highly engineered, high performance, load-bearing insulator designed to be fitted below the end of the crane’s load line.

It will insulate and protect personnel in contact with the load, from electrocution, in the event of the crane or load line contacting an overhead energized conductor.

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Always maintain your limits of approach as prescribed by the owner of the power utility system or as per Regulated requirements.